The James Shelton Choir Scholarship

The James Shelton Choir Scholarship

Elmwood West UMC has a scholarship that we award to deserving college students who volunteer their time to come and sing in the choir. The scholarship pays bi-monthly based on attendance of Wednesday night rehearsals and Sunday morning services. These college students love music, and choose to worship through their music. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about this scholarship opportunity, please email Geoffrey Driggers at geoffrey@elmwoodwestumc.com

Elmwood West UMC Scholarship Application

This is the application for the Elmwood West UMC Scholarship. The scholarship amount depends on the amount of recipients and the amount of money the congregation donates toward the scholarship fund. We will not award more applicants than our scholarship can sustain. This year, the scholarship is $25 per week ($12.50 for Wednesday rehearsal, $12.50 for Sunday morning service).

After completing the application and submitting a résumé, there will be an audition consisting of preparing music, attending a rehearsal, and attending a church service. The latter two parts of the audition are mostly for you, so that you can discover who we are as a church and what we stand for. The last thing we want is to bring you into a church that you don't feel like you fit into. We want to aid in your spiritual growth, not hinder it, so it is important to us that you feel comfortable in our church.


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